About Us

Shenzhen S-Shaper Garments Co., Ltd.


The joy of welcoming a new baby spread through the founding couple, who didn’t want postpartum recovery and body anxiety to return to other women,so they created S-shaper because it is a brand dedicated to bringing respect, in clusion and love to women,the couple went through a lot of trouble to design and select materials for S-shaper and make the first model. At the same time thev let women of allraces and sizes from all over the world try it out make further adiustments and refinements and they got rave reviews!

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Why Choose Us

Diverse &Inclusive

S-shaper was created out of love, and our fundamental position is to respect and embrace the diversity of the worldand enjoy the joy of diversity!

Breathable Technology

Good products are not only made through countlessprocesses, but also need to grow with consumers, while witnessing your growth!

Promise To Users

Compared to other shapewears-shaper creates more possibilities for consumers whether it's for work, play.sports ar shopping with friends, or for a fancy party, we always have the right one for you!

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